Saturday, 27 December 2008

a wonderful x'mas

24th december 2008; tessa picked me up at 12, and we went to Tom's(she was searching for a sustain pedal for her keyboard and a violin pickup-a little microphone for the violin). unfortunately they don't have the pickup, so we bought the pedal only. then we went to matahari dps to search for a santa claus's hat-i have one,but she lost hers..the both of us were going to wear it that night during the Christmas eve's mass at kampial(Gereja Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa-Nusa Dua).. we played the violin, with kak kiky and 2 other keyboards, and ruli handling the 'ketipung',drums, and cymbals..oh, not to forget the choir.. we didn't find the hat at matahari. so, we went for lunch, and then to a small music store to buy the pickup. they have it! and to my surprise the price was exactly the same as when i bought it half a year ago. then we went to carefour,still searching for the hat, they don't have it..we went to bali bakery as tessa's mom asked her to buy some french bread for tonight's dinner. we're having turkey!!!yummy! it was very crowded at bali bakery, we managed to buy all the stocks of the french bread. lucky us...bad luck for the next customer! sorry! after that, we went to pepito to get the turkey..tessa's mom ordered it 2 weeks ago..the turkey was quite big, 4 kilograms...we were planning to go to ace hardware for the hat, but then i remeberes the other day when sister hilda came from a trip, she was holding a santa's i sms her,wondering if i could borrow her hat..she immediately answered,"yes dear!"...yay!!! we went back to tess's house, took a shower, and had,for the first time i realized that a-4 kilos-turkey=hard work eating it. there were 7 people, and we managed to eat a quarter of the turkey...after dinner, me and tess went to the church to prepare for the mass.. actually we were a bit late, but who cares? no one wants to miss the turkey...the mass was fabulous, and i think we all did a fantastic job. another prove that 'ancient' church's song could be easily transformed into an orchestra-type-of-song...the songs were majestic and great!!! after the mass-it finished at 11, we went home-to tessa's house i mean..i'm having a sleepover at hers for the first time. her mom kinda forced us to have another bite of the turkey.she succeeded...but i couldn't finish my portion, it was just too much..we watched the movie called nim's island until 2 in the moring and then went to bed..

25th december 2008: Christmas!!! i woke up at 8. for breakfast we had 'nasi bali'. you know what, the only not so good thing at tessa's house is: there's always too much food and snacks... but i really love the lemon squash...we watched 'the american crime'. a good but very very sad movie...the girl, named sylvia, died after a month being tortured by a woman and her kids without her parents knowing it... later, we went to discovery mall, only to find the place stinks badly-due to the dead fish at kuta beach..i went home after that

26th december 2008: my mom, my brother, and i followed the x'mas for children at st.fx church. all the kids brought presents for the poor kids in Donggo, and in return they received some snacks from santa. oh, the choir was the sekami kids...they were quite good..oh, and the church was great!!! two big x'mas tree, 2 'palungan' with the baby jesus and maria and was really really fabulous!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

this afternoon, i had a violin practice with my friends for the Xmas's mass on the 24 of December.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

gloomy day

i skipped school today. it's just amazing that i'm done with all my exams. yesterday, i went to the mass at Sr. Serafin's new house(biara named Regina Angolora)..or something similar to that. december 12-Father Hady asked me before to accompany him(singing) and i have to play the violin during the small concert at St.FX