Friday, 28 November 2008

Friday afternoon

last period at school. i have IT, usually we have it in class:theory. luckily, the regular classes are having their final exam, so the computer lab is free. next week, i'm going to have my semester exam.oh my god! i'm so not reay for exams. i really want to pass this week quickly. today, i'm supposed to skip school to play in a wedding ceremony at St.FX. the bride is the son/daughter of a big boss in timor leste. his friend is the ambassador of TImor Leste in Indonesia. The wedding is being postponed, he said he still have something more important to do. i was really hoping i could skip school...bad luck.
tomorrow, i have to play for a wedding at 11 am. no offense, but i don't really enjoy playing with Angel's Voice Singers. only because all of the members sing pop songs only, they cant read musical notes, and the 'leader' is just so unorganized...sorry to say that, but i'm just not used to working with messy people. good for me, tessa is going to play with me. so at least i have someone that i could talk to.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Free time

Hello again! i just finished my IT practical test. it was easy and boring (as usual). what was i talking about? o ya, right. this week i'm so busy. on friday, 28 nov, i have to play in a wedding in St.FX so i won't be going to school! Saturday, 29 nov, i have another wedding to play with Angel's Voice Singers in St. FX also. i had a fever last thursday. it was children's day, and the teachers were giving us a great performance, a drama and they sang the 'wonderworld'. well, only mr ben was singing and playing the guitar. after the first recess, i felt terrible. hot and cold at the same time. yep, i was having a fever. i was sleeping for the next 2 lessons; english and bio. ms jewel, my english teacher, was very nice to me. she told me to go home, but i told her that i have to wait for my brother. she then suggested me to take a cab, and she would pay for it. not that, money is the problem. i just can't imagine being in a cab with the driver who is a stranger, and at the time i was dizzy and my brain couldn't work well. so, no way...i refused her offer. still, she was being very very sorry, not was. she's still nice to me..hehehe

IT practical test

Hi! It just happens that whenever I open my blog, it's mostly on Tuesday. So, my news will be roughly about school. Ms mariza just replied my email, she said she's still in jakarta, teaching in Binus. In the next 20 minutes, I'll be doing my IT Practical Test... it's about Powerpoint...using master boring..last night, it was raining very heavily and this morning as well. I love the rain. it's a bit cold and windy, but that doesn't matter to me. I'm glad I don't have the fever and sore throat anymore..Sister hilda's healing hands healed me completely last sunday, just after we sang in a wedding ceremony in St.FX...It was very enjoyable. It was also the first time, Tesa joined us. She played the violin with me. Gilang just showed me a crazy and cool website..sorry, have to go..I'll write more later..

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Tuesday morning at school

i'm at school. having my IT subject. a lame subject i should say.i just finished writing an email to ms mariza(my old science teacher) and my aunt in france. i'm glad we're still able to keep in touch ever since. you know what? yesterday, i finished reading the book "Most likely to die" by 3 authors. it was so damn cool! after this i'll have math..another boring subject..i'm looking forward to go home and have a sleepy...

Thursday, 13 November 2008

My blog

Hi! My name is Audi. I'm indonesian, and I love music...