Thursday, 13 August 2009

singapore polytechnic

i just heard from Rizky about how easy (Well, at least not so hard!) it is to get a scholarship at singapore polytechnic. he said i should try too apply since i have a high distinction. the only problem is that they don't give full scholarship. i'm not sure how many percent, but probably only half. plus after you graduated, you have to work in Singapore for three years. well, that's okay. however, i'm still thinking whether I should take this or finish A'Level and then apply for a scholarship at NUS. that one is a full scholarship, only that it is much harder. but i'll be graduating as a bachelor not just diploma. what do you think?????

6 A* and 1 A

three days ago, the IGCSE results came out. i was so surprised and relieved at the same time. i got A* for Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Environmental Management, Art and Design, Indonesian, and A for English as a First Language. hahaha... im so happy!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

i only have six days more to relax before school starts. this holiday is the greatest among all. i'm staying in Bali for the whole month. but i played in a lot of weddings, there was one in Tabanan with K kiky. it was so exciting, there were only six singers(four females, and two males) but their voices were so loud and powerful. so good!!! that day, i woke up at 5.30. we departed from the church at 6.30, and arrived at the church in Tabanan 1 hour and 45 minutes after. i played the violin. everything were great. a perfect performance i should say.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

prom night

I am half way through my igcse exams. The 12th of June will be my last day of school and last two exams. I've heard that this year the grade 11 are planning on celebrating the end of exams with a prom night. Our section has never had our own prom night before.

a depressing moment of my life

I think the title above is just perfect and sufficient to explain how I feel today. We’ve recorded 6 songs yesterday, and I think I did fine, no gross error. But today is a completely different story. We planned to start at 9.00 am, but the power was off and Ino’ father was late as well. All these problems cost me and tessa half an hour of waiting. An hour for k kiky. Ino arrived on time, just as the power came back. Lucky him…

I knew this would happen. My partiture for the five songs that I’m supposed to play today is just not possible for me to master. Tessa doesn’t have any changes for her partiture, hers is simpler. K kiky made mine THAT hard not because I’m any better than Tessa in playing the violin. Don’t know why… am still wondering why??

I messed up the whole thing. We kept on repeating the same song over and over. While, i kept on doing the same mistakes!!! I don’t know what has gotten over me. Seems like I lost my abilities to play violin and my creative writing. Just read what I have wrote here. Everything is so boring. Even I’m not interested in my own story. It feels hard to express my feelings, for the last two days, with words.

All I know is that I’m having a breakdown. The last two days feel gloomy. I lost my self-confident. I tried my best and I practiced but nothing helps. The knowledge that this is my contribution for the church makes everything feels worse, cause I want to give something perfect for the church. Conclusion: I’m dissapointed with myself.

recording studio

Today is the third of June. Also the second day for me being in a recording studio. When I played in Kampial church on last Easter Vigil, there was a German watching us. He was one of the people that attended the mass. The next day, he went to Father Venus and said that the choir was excellent. He gave 2000 euros, as a donation for the renovation of the church. In addition, he told the choir to make an album and he’ll sell this album in Germany to raise more money. He’s such a good person… So, guess what? This means that me, tessa, k kiky, ruli will all be involved in the whole process.. hehe.. so happy:)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

igcse exams

exams are just depressing. but it's a good thing that the igcse exams are not like the indonesian syllabus. in indonesia, whether you fail or pass is decided through your 1.5 hours performance on the multiple choice exam. on the other hand, one igcse subject consists of about three components. they are usually the multiple choice paper, short answer or essay and practical or speaking test. so at least if you fail one, you might still pass the others.
yesterday, i had my paper 2-math exam. i think i did okay. this morning, i had my chemistry practical. it was a mess!!! hixhix.. i was confused whether to answer Cu- or Fe+ and i ended up writing everything in a hurry bcause there was not enough time. tomorrow i'll have my paper 2-english exam! just passing english is enough for me. getting A or B is out of the wish list..
oh yeah, i never mentioned in this blog that i got the "best in the world award-first place" for my indonesian exam that i took last october. my price was a 50 pounds amazon voucher. i havent think of what to spend with that. might be some books or dresses or shoes. it's just sad that we cant turn that into cash. before,i didn't even know there was that kind of award. i regarded it as a bonus.together with me, janice got the same price for third place in art, laksmini and je-in both got them for third place in indonesian. mr james told us that we are on the school website, but i havent take a look at it. my mom was asking if we'll get a certificate or something, but mr james thinks that the amazon voucher is the only thing we get. pity...

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Yesterday was the celebration of the the Chinese New Year. this year is the year of the Ox. my family and I went to my "apak's" house to celebrate it together with other members of the family. our tradition is for all the sons and daughters of the family to gather together at the house of the oldest family member alive. i got a lot of "angpao"s. That's the best thing about Chinese New Year. But the next best thing is the food. my grandma is a very good cook, and as usual, she made a buffet for me, my dad, my mom, and my brother.. it was so good. my plan for the evening was to go to the church. they're celebrating Imlek too. unfortunately, i fell asleep just half an hour before the mass started - i know i'm such a lazy napper. so sorry Jesus - so, my mom went by herself. she said only a few came to the mass. the children recerived an angpao and an orange. Father Hady gave one for me - through my mom. he said, "Ini buat audi". good thing he remembered my name...hehe

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

hixhix...i just heard that tiffanie's moving to BIS today! so suddenly! she didn't even tell me before...i didn't get to say a proper goodbye..hixhix.. yessy's gone, and tiff's gone now..i'm so sad'n'

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

school starts

actually, today is the second da of school..but somehow, i still don't feel like going to usual,i'm in IT class right now..i just sent an email to vonny, asking her help to ask for more info from ICOM. i tried to contact ICOM, but it won't reply my mail. even the universal tried to contact ICOM too. hopefull, somehow i'll manage to apply to ICOM..this morning, during the assembly, james told us that for the talent time show, 10c has to sing a song for the homeroom great is that? sing? i'm not a singing-type of person...! misery...