Thursday, 14 May 2009

igcse exams

exams are just depressing. but it's a good thing that the igcse exams are not like the indonesian syllabus. in indonesia, whether you fail or pass is decided through your 1.5 hours performance on the multiple choice exam. on the other hand, one igcse subject consists of about three components. they are usually the multiple choice paper, short answer or essay and practical or speaking test. so at least if you fail one, you might still pass the others.
yesterday, i had my paper 2-math exam. i think i did okay. this morning, i had my chemistry practical. it was a mess!!! hixhix.. i was confused whether to answer Cu- or Fe+ and i ended up writing everything in a hurry bcause there was not enough time. tomorrow i'll have my paper 2-english exam! just passing english is enough for me. getting A or B is out of the wish list..
oh yeah, i never mentioned in this blog that i got the "best in the world award-first place" for my indonesian exam that i took last october. my price was a 50 pounds amazon voucher. i havent think of what to spend with that. might be some books or dresses or shoes. it's just sad that we cant turn that into cash. before,i didn't even know there was that kind of award. i regarded it as a bonus.together with me, janice got the same price for third place in art, laksmini and je-in both got them for third place in indonesian. mr james told us that we are on the school website, but i havent take a look at it. my mom was asking if we'll get a certificate or something, but mr james thinks that the amazon voucher is the only thing we get. pity...

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